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What people say?

Proper alignment of your back is very important for your spine to properly recuperate during the night. The zoning also facilitates pressure distribution, which promotes a good blood circulation. As a result, you will have a more relaxing and comfortable night and wake up refreshed.

John , Smith.

What people say?

In the different points of weighted contact of the head, shoulder, waist, hip, legs' request, Can help promote head blood circulation, Relieve fatigue, Coordinate vertebrae cervical.

Doe, Henry.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Natural

Thailand is the sourcing (Natural rubber), The largest and best quality in the world. We use technology to provide high quality natural latex preserve.

We’re Breathable

Bedding made from rubber Vents a lot. Make ventilated Humidity, no odor, does not cause dust mites. Special features of natural rubber have a smell that keeps germs.

We're Durable

Pure natural latex is soft and elastic just like baby’s skin, Can makes every inch of people's skin completely feel special affinity. Natural latex is durable for 10 to 15 year.

We're Correct

Cervical diseases harmful to humans. Can also cause heart disease, angina, chest pain.

We’re Peaceful

Natural emulsion fragrance that natural latex sent forth, Natural mild characteristics and no synthetic chemicals can make people sleep soundly.

We're Antibacterial

Natural Anti-mite and anti-bacterial function. After the cooking the rubber emulsion, will release a rubber protein, It’s can effectively inhibit bacteria and prevent allergens lurking.