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Sabady Latex is the excellent brand from Treasure Ship International. Sabady persues comfort, health, security, persistence and environmental technology. Latex products from Sabady use 100% A+ natural latex with TALALAY process which provide you the dream of latex.
Thailand, is the world's most important latex producing countries, with the world's best latex raw material supply. Latex is a natural material derived from rubber tree sap, which is extremely valuable because only 30cc latex juice is produced per rubber tree per day.


SABADY as the world's most top latex brand bedding, with: 1, physical anti-mite anti-bacteria 2, natural environmental protection 3, the elasticity can be a good buffer of human stress 4, effective prevention of cervical, lumbar disease 5, can effectively reduce snoring 6, Effectively reduce the static electricity generated between the human body and the fiber 7, honeycomb structure, with good permeability 8, a molding, durable, never deformation; and so excellent physical properties.
SABADY brand system, trademarks, packaging and other brands presented by the design, by the British illustrator artist Wayhom Lee design. Brand LOGO is a magician stylized rubber fruit, it has become a hot air balloon, carrying a dream is the general sleep, on the fly to the ideal, fly to the distant meaning.
Nowadays, it is the starting point of SABADY flight, but it will stick to the happiness of the initial and elegant glory, uphold strict quality and continuous improvement of quality, will continue in the future, writing dreams and legends!
SABADY natural latex mattress, using the best quality natural latex. Exceptional balance of ability to fully support the body. Pure natural latex with better than other materials fit, durability and resilience, better conform to the body contour, Provide a comprehensive back support, so that the human body on the average spinal pressure to ensure that the body weight is rationally dispersed, so that the body bones to be fully stretch.
The surface is arranged with ventilation holes, making the pillow in the use of dry and breathable, especially for pregnant women, the elderly, children, working tired people have particularly good help.
Milky white pillow structure, all ergonomics of the pillow height and curvature of the design, high elasticity can conform to the body contour, support the human body spine, reduce the burden of the spine, Different types of pillows also meet the needs of different people sleeping position.
SABADY latex pillow is made of natural latex, with good elasticity, this pillow can be a good buffer of the human body pressure.
Support the basic structure of the neck: that is, the basic shape of the pillow. Recommended to choose the groove design, the middle than the surrounding low, you can automatically adapt to sleep in the side of the body when the height of the cervical spine.
Different pillow, SABADY brand latex pillow for different ages to provide you and your children with different sections of the pillow. Recommended that children should not use a pillow before age 1, 1-3-year-old baby kit available pillow, thickness 6-8CM, material is soft and breathable. 4-13-year-old children can use a series of pillows, thickness 8-12CM, material soft, breathable and good toughness. 14 years of age can be used in the series of adult pillows, thickness 12-15CM, material for Microsoft, breathable, good toughness.
SABADY latex series of 100% A + grade natural latex, and other products in Thailand is different, SABADY TALALAY (Trelay) process foam, and most of the Thai latex bedding, still using the DUNLOP (Dunlop ) Process.
SABADY throughout the factory production process, set up a quality control department, each pillow must pass a rigorous inspection, the quality of the product can be guaranteed. Latex finished storage warehouse are dry and ventilated.
SABADY latex series of latex content, elasticity, stretch, breathability is much higher than similar competitive products, and several times the price of European products, the performance is still strong against.
SABADY latex pillow in the world have set up agents at all levels, allowing you to facilitate shopping at the same time, quickly receive the product.
SABADY official website to support online orders, the recent agent shipping, so you happy shopping.
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LATEX PILLOW has efciency to reduce stress of body, promote blood circulation at the head, stimulate metabolism including therapy.
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Why Choose Us?

We’re Natural

Thailand is the sourcing (Natural rubber), The largest and best quality in the world. We use technology to provide high quality natural latex preserve.

We’re Breathable

Bedding made from rubber Vents a lot. Make ventilated Humidity, no odor, does not cause dust mites. Special features of natural rubber have a smell that keeps germs.

We're Durable

Pure natural latex is soft and elastic just like baby’s skin, Can makes every inch of people's skin completely feel special affinity. Natural latex is durable for 10 to 15 year.

We're Correct

Cervical diseases harmful to humans. Can also cause heart disease, angina, chest pain.

We’re Peaceful

Natural emulsion fragrance that natural latex sent forth, Natural mild characteristics and no synthetic chemicals can make people sleep soundly.

We're Antibacterial

Natural Anti-mite and anti-bacterial function. After the cooking the rubber emulsion, will release a rubber protein, It’s can effectively inhibit bacteria and prevent allergens lurking.

What people say?

Proper alignment of your back is very important for your spine to properly recuperate during the night. The zoning also facilitates pressure distribution, which promotes a good blood circulation. As a result, you will have a more relaxing and comfortable night and wake up refreshed.

John , Smith.

What people say?

In the different points of weighted contact of the head, shoulder, waist, hip, legs' request, Can help promote head blood circulation, Relieve fatigue, Coordinate vertebrae cervical.

Doe, Henry.

What people say?

The most natural latex,I like it so much. Thanks!

Alex, Adon.

Latex Factory

We have our own rubber plantations and factories in Rayong, Thailand.

Products Design

Proper alignment of your back is very important for your spine to properly recuperate during the night. The zoning also facilitates pressure distribution, which promotes a good blood circulation. As a result, you will have a more relaxing and comfortable night and wake up refreshed.

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