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We have the certification of 100% natural latex core for mattress and pillows.
Sabady Latex is the excellent brand from Treasure Ship International. Sabady persues comfort, health, security, persistence and environmental technology. Latex products from Sabady use 100% A+ natural latex with TALALAY process which provide you the dream of latex.
Thailand, is the world's most important latex producing countries, with the world's best latex raw material supply. Latex is a natural material derived from rubber tree sap, which is extremely valuable because only 30cc latex juice is produced per rubber tree per day.
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Proper alignment of your back is very important for your spine to properly recuperate during the night. The zoning also facilitates pressure distribution, which promotes a good blood circulation. As a result, you will have a more relaxing and comfortable night and wake up refreshed.

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In the different points of weighted contact of the head, shoulder, waist, hip, legs' request, Can help promote head blood circulation, Relieve fatigue, Coordinate vertebrae cervical.

Doe, Henry.

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SABADY series of latex bedding, is TREASURE SHIP INTERNATIONAL (Thailand Treasure Ship International) launched in 2012 the elegant brand. SABADY pursuit of comfort, durability, safety, health and ecological technology for the best R & D design and manufacturing; is also designed to penetrate into the humanities and cultural home brand.

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